District Anti TB Association Faisalabad Pakistan

The District Anti TB Association is a non-profit and non-political voluntary organization located in Faisalabad. The Association has been providing rehabilitation programs and services for the residents of Faisalabad and it's adjoining rural and slum areas.

District Anti TB Association is committed to achieving the new mission and vision by:

  • Advocate to improve respiratory health, particularly in relation to TB and smoking at state, national and international levels.
  • Services which exceed customer's expectations are error free and on time and of superior value to our customers.
  • Social contribution with the provision of fully or highly subsidized health care services to the needy and the elderly.
  • People development with an emphasis on the investment and commitment to employee development and team work to become a quality organization where quality service is everyone’s business.
  • Efficiency and productivity with the deployment of state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment and the adoption of best practices for efficiency and productivity.
  • Continue to build expertise in respiratory health.
  • Foster innovation in respiratory health research.

History About TB Hospital

A few philanthropic of Faisalabad associated together and decided to work for the eradication of Tuberculosis from the Faisalabad District. The Association under the name and style of District Anti TB Association was established in 1957. The old building of Civil Hospital was occupied by the Association and started the treatment of TB patients. The Association established an indoor hospital also. At present, the Association is in possession of 33 kanals of land on a 30 year lease, extendable to 99 years.

The Association proposed to construct a 200 bed hospital but completed only an 80 bed hospital due to non-availability of funds and could not complete it up till now. The Association is running an 80 bed hospital and two outdoor clinics. All the TB patients are provided with medicines, board and lodging and other facilities free of cost. The expenditures are met by Help from the general public. There are some patrons who took a keen interest in the Association.

The lab and the amount of equipment is small because of the limited amount of space . The Association is constructing a larger lab that will be well-equipped. The expenditure is more than 20 million rupees and the completion of a 200 bed hospital needs 50 million rupees. The number of patients is increasing day by day. The Faisalabad District is in a congested district. Most of the population are laborers working in different factories and more than 50% of the laborers are TB positive cases which is primarily due to pollution, crowding, low standard of living, etc.

The annual expenditure for medicine is approximately 2.5 million and the kitchen expenditure is more than 1.2 million. The number of patients, as a recorded in the hospital books, during 2008 was 100,684. The number of new patients during 2008 was 32,600. The number of female patients was more than the male patients.

Two specialist doctors are looking after the patients and, apart from that, there is one medical officer for the indoor patients. Our prime need is adequate lab space and qualified medical staff and technicians. If we engaged full strength, the expenditure of the staff will increase to more then 6 million.

The Association is providing TB patients with medicine free of charget. A new X-ray machine has been purchased last year for Rs. 2.7 million. The major portion of the X-ray machine was donated by the Rotary Club Faisalabad. The TB disease is spreading and has become uncontrollable due to non-availability of funds. The Association is being run by elected members and all of it's accounts are being audited.

Mission and Vision

DATAF's mission is to combat tuberculosis and other primary lung diseases in the Faisalabad area through prevention, treatment and education.

Highlights for 2008

The number of patients as recorded in the hospital books during 2008 was 100,684  and the number of new patients during 2008 was 32,600 .

The annual expenditure for medicine is more than 7 million rupees last year and the kitchen expenditure was more than 1.5 million.


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