TB Facts

  • TB kills more youth and adults than any other infectious diseases.
  • Someone dies of TB every 10 seconds.
  • Someone gets sick  from TB every 4 seconds.
  • One percent of the world’s population is infected with TB each year.
  • One-third of the world’s population is infected with the TB Bacillus.
  • Left untreated, a person with active TB can infect between 10 and 15 people in one year.
  • Like the common cold, TB speeds through the air when infectious people cough, spit, talk or sneeze.
  • TB usually kills a person by gradually eating holes in the lungs.

TB Facts About Women

  • TB is the single biggest infectious killer of women.
  • TB is the single biggest killer of young women.
  • TB accounts for 9% of deaths among women between the ages of 15 and 44 years, compared with war, which accounts for 4%, HIV 3% and heart diseases 3%.
  • Women of reproductive age are more susceptible to sickness once infected with TB than men of the same age. Women in this age group are also at greater risk from HIV infection.
  • TB kills more women than any cause of maternal mortality.
  • In some parts of the world, the stigma attached to TB leads to isolation, abandonment and divorce for women.

Facts About TB And AIDS

  • HIV and TB are a deadly duo - each speeding up the progress of the other.
  • TB is the leading cause of death among people who are HIV positive.
  • TB accounts for almost one-third of AIDS deaths worldwide.
  • Up to two-thirds of those infected with HIV in India may become sick with TB.
  • WHO estimates that, by the end of the century, HIV infection will annually cause at least 1.4 million active cases of TB that otherwise would not have occurred.

What is Tuberculosis?

TB is a chronic inflammatory disorder caused by Mycobacterium.
TB can involve almost every part of the body - mostly the lungs, brain, bones and kidneys.
Spinal lesions that are highly suggestive of TB have been observed in a skeleton recovered from a grave near Heidelburg that dates back 5000 BC. 
Similarly, Egyptian wall paintings that depict typical hunchback deformities which correlate with spinal TB in mummies.
Over 8 millions cases of TB occur each year in the world.
In Pakistan, the figure is 2.5 million new cases per year.
Every year, 3 millions people worldwide die from the disease.
95 percent of the cases occur in developing countries.
WHO has declared the disease a "global emergency". 
The disease is caused by a bacteria called "Mycobacterium TB".
Kocks first described the TB bacillus in 1882. 
By air born route (coughing, talking, singing, laughing).
By ingestion of infected milk.
By direct contact with infected material. 
Risk Factors
Overcrowding and substandard housing.
Close contact with a TB patient.
Health care staff. 
Isolation of a TB patient.
Education of the health care staff about TB.
The TB patient should live in a fully ventilated room. 
Changes in social circumstances.
Improvement in nutrition. 
Alleviation of overcrowding.
Case finding and chemotherapy.
BCG vaccination.
At birth.
In early childhood.
The establishment of tuberculosis free hearts and pasteurization of milk.
Tuberculosis is now 100 percent curable if the
patient is diagnosed within time.
The patient takes medicines in the right dose and for the right duration.



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